Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Serge Lutens Wax Sample Haiku #17: Bornéo 1834

sugar burning black
salty bread dough growing plump
Angel flutters by


  1. I remember being really surprised when I learned that one of my perfumista friends, who really dislikes Angel, loved Bornéo 1834.

    1. The family resemblance was unmistakeable to me. I don't recall having ever heard anyone mention this before, and I am happy to learn that you, too, found some overlap here, Undina! ;-)

      What about you: are you pro or con Angel and Angelalia?

  2. I actually wore Angel EDP on the right side of my body and Borneo 1834 on the left. What did I conclude? Angel almost entirely skips it's gourmand phase and goes right to the dirt-like patchouli on me, but it is juicy. Borneo is much drier and I can picture those wrapped bales of silk in a wood hulled ship when smelling it. Most Serge fragrances repulse me upon first exposure, no mean feat to be sure since my love of the smell of manure, skunk and the fish market are well known!


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