Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Collage/Mosaic of HRH Emperor Oliver

credit: To produce this collage of every perfume image ever taken of HRH Emperor Oliver,
I used an open source program called "AndreaMosaic", created by Andrea Denzler. 
Vielen Dank! Molte Grazie!


  1. Lovely. How many bottles of perfume and Olivers are in that photo?

    1. Thank you, pitbull friend. That's a good question. In theory, there should be 5,001 Olivers (including the meta-Oliver), but in reality...

      You may recall that from January 2012 to January 2013 (in the early stages of HRH Emperor Oliver's modeling career), I was producing photos using the eye from my netbook. That's why the images were often grainy, poorly lit, and generally mediocre (well, except for the subject matter...). In January 2013, I finally bought a camera, and the quality of the photos dramatically increased, as I could actually compose the shots in a way that was pretty much impossible to do using the netbook eye.

      What I found when I began to look through the archive of photos was that during that first year, I took tons of photos which were unsuitable for posting (even worse than the ones which I actually did end up posting over at Parfumo). Basically, my approach was to take several of each Oliver + perfume bottle combination and then select the least bad image for posting.

      However, I did not delete any of the unused photos, and as I read the instructions for using the mosaic program, I discovered that the basic principle is: the more the merrier. The higher the number of squares, the better the final image. The higher the number of images used, the better the image will be as well, because there are more choices for putting together the required shades.

      I first tried a mosaic with 2,000 squares, but I was not happy with the quality. When I examined some of the squares (which were much more visible in that version--because they were larger), I discovered a few pictures of sherapop! That happened because during that first year, I occasionally snapped a shot of myself accidentally while setting up a photo-op with the Emperor using the netbook eye. In the end, I decided to leave those ones in, even when I re-did the mosaic using 5,000 squares. This means that there is a handful of sherapops (call it "n"), along with the (5,001-n) Olivers!

      As for the bottles: not all of the images include bottles, because after obtaining a camera, I began also taking shots of house carded samples, which are often quite attractive. So some of the images have Oliver's fur as a background to a card, not a bottle. The total number of images which I used was about 2,200, but since the mosaic contains 5,000 tiles, the images are repeated. I did not put a limit on the repetition, so some may appear even three or four times, if they happen to have been helpful in some way in creating the meta image.

      All of this to say, once again: good question, pitbull friend!


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