Monday, February 2, 2015

Around the World in 2400 Perfumes...


  1. Now I'm curious - is that what you're taking with you or getting rid of? I'm going to bet on the latter because I can't imagine your taking Kenzo Flower or MJ Dot across the world.

    Maybe you should hold a contest - how many of the items in the photo can a person correctly identify? Sort of like a jellybeans-in-a-jar thing.

    1. Hello, pbf! These are the cards of the vials already sampled by me. The winner of the raffle got a huge lot of cards with full vials still attached! I packed a bunch of vials and a few decants, but I ran out of time and so was unable to make fresh decants from my own bottle collection. I did bring along three aluminum cylinders, however: 2 Montale and 2 Nejma. :-)


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