Monday, April 28, 2014

A Must-Sniff List ... Entries 21-25

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Today's entries (21-25):

1. Montale Roses Petals: First, because everyone needs to experience the rose-Western oud genre made famous by Pierre Montale and copied by countless others--and this is the one which I happen to own. Second, because I donned this after a bath last night and it transformed my entire outlook on life!

2. Tocca Bianca: because I need to include at least one perfume on this list of which pitbull friend heartily approves! Plus, it's the best of a line which seems to be spiraling into an endless vortex of fruitish-floralia at this point in time... The bottle is a must-have, in my opinion. Paperweight, implement of bedside self-defense, or eye candy? Answer: All of the above!

3. Creed Love in Black: because I love Love in Black no matter what the detractors may say!

4. Rochas Femme: because the 1989 reformulation of this enticing fruity chypre is better than most new launches today. (I cannot however offer any insight into the P&G twenty-first century reformulations--I've intentionally steered clear especially of the new cookie-cutter bottles--and therefore urge Madie and others to obtain a bottle of this perfume from the deep-discounters with dark warehouses filled with bottles never sold from pre-Y2K days.)

5. Molinard Patchouli: because this is a great unisex savory patchouli from a traditional house established in 1849 and still operating out of Grasse (as in "jasmine from Grasse"). Amazingly, the Molinard soliflores (several of which I own, including Jasmin) are available from discounters for the price of Axe body spray!

Running Tally

Here's the complete list alphabetized by house and which will grow each day by five entries. Please note again that the numbers for each day reflect only the fact that these perfumes popped into my mind in this order. Not an objective ranking or even a subjective ordering of my preferences--just what I happened to think of! To give these posts a bit more content, I'll link my latest review from sherapop's sillage...


  1. Thank you, dear! It speaks to how many generally available perfumes there are that each of us is fond of so many but we still have almost no overlap. :)

    1. My pleasure, pitbull friend! I was wearing Bianca yesterday and have to say that it really does smell swell! So simple yet satisfying. I also found myself reaching for it during the last stages of The Big Move... Okay, it's true: I had limited choices at that point (most everything had already been packed), but from the remaining options, I still had to select scents which would facilitate not hinder my accomplishment of a seemingly impossible task! ;-)


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