Friday, April 25, 2014

A Must-Sniff List for Salon de Parfum Reader "Madie": Entries 6-10

Introduction (link to yesterday's post and the first five entries...)

Today's entries (6-10):

1. Hermès 24, Faubourg. Because this perfume, along with the music of J.S. Bach and the existence of cats, keeps me agnostic!

2. Keiko Mecheri Attar de Roses. Because a sexier rose there never was!

3. Nejma Two. Because William Shakespeare dba "Pierre Montale" is not the only rose-oud player in town!

4. Lush Lust. First, because a sliver of soap scented with this perfume stunk up my bathroom for an entire year. Second, because this perfume can be used to define the expression "death by jasmine" by ostension.

5. Miller Harris En Sens de Bois. Because when I cannot take the aromachemical "woodish" nonsense any longer, I reach for this bottle and find that there is still hope!

Running Tally

Here's the complete list alphabetized by house and which will grow each day by five entries. Please note again that the numbers for each day reflect only the fact that these perfumes popped into my mind in this order. Not an objective ranking or even a subjective ordering of my preferences--just what I happened to think of! To give these posts a bit more content, I'll link my latest review from sherapop's sillage...

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